New Film Depicts South African Rugby and Politics: Count Me In

(See the movie trailor below.) Will this actually draw me out to the movies? Perhaps. It looks very interesting.

The 1995 Rugby World Cup was a fascinating and exciting time for South Africans and those of us who consider it a second home country.

Invictus releases Friday.

It will be interesting to see how central the titular poem is to the story. The poem, while admirable in several ways, is pretty fundamentally at odds with a biblical worldview. 

But one understands what angle the filmmaker’s are pursuing with it.

FYI: Here’s an article on SA Rugby, then and now. Note: The Springboks are, once again, currently the World Champions in Rugby.

Re: Accuracy in Accents.

Matt Damon: B+

Morgan Freeman: F

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  1. Looks like a good movie- one with at least good possibilities. Like you, I can imagine a favourable connection between “Invictus” and individual and national determination. However I am one who tends to avoid cozying up with ideas dear to enemies of public good. The theology in “Invictus” is not only opposite Biblical truth, it was also quoted by Timothy McVey. Why not name the movie “Springboks.”

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