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New Fledge Story Soars on Wings Like a Winged Love-thingy on a Rainbow

The latest installment of The Fledge Chronicles is out and you don’t want to miss it.

I took that last sentence from Cliché Adverts Plus and inserted “The Fledge Chronicles” where it said “your product name.”

I am a marketing genius.

we want our bars to go in this direction people!

This story is called Missing Inaction and it’s the heartwarming tale of a two lovers who hate each other at first and then later they fall in love and save the factory and heal old wounds. It’s a fun ride for the whole family.

Again, Cliché Adverts Plus. I inserted “Missing Inaction,” which is the real name of my real story and it doesn’t have anything to do with two lovers and saving the factory and healing old wounds.

It’s really about what happens when a man spills coffee on his shirt while trying to exit his vehicle by means of his window. Then other stuff happens after that. There’s funny parts.

You can subscribe to West Virginia South if you want to have these stories and so much more delivered to your house anywhere in the United States.

Again, Cliché Adverts Plus.

But, there literally is a picture of a cool biplane on the cover of WVS.

The editor says in the table of contents (which is a table where magazines store their contents) that this S.D. Smith fellow will have you “roaring with laughter.” This is funny because there’s a part about a lion (recall: roaring) in this little yarn which was first discussed in The Lion, the Bridge, and the Wardrobe Malfunction. That being the first Fledge story published, this being the last –latest. This one follows up on the lion fiasco a bit.

OK, I am officially out of marketing-juice and I’d rather be punched and kicked in the corner for a few hours than look at this keyboard for ten more seconds (ever feel like that?).

Thanks to you for reading and for sending me full boxes of Big League Chew.

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