New Fledge Story, The Young and the Heckless, Published

The latest of my stories from The Fledge Chronicles is available in the latest issue of West Virginia South. Latest. Latest. I always hate to use that word so much when I’m doing these newsy posts (which will have their own featured area in the new website –across the Jordan).

The latest, latest story is called The Young and the Heckless and it takes us back in time to understand a bit more about the development of some of the principle characters in the stories. That sounds boring but it’s so not boring. It’s the longest story yet (again, not boring though) –I was surprised, and thankful, that my editor did not want to cut it down at all.

I also wrote a little story about my favorite restaurant, the As You Like It Cafe, and they put that in the magazine as well. That’s my first non-fiction officially published. You should check out the restaurant if you are in southern West Virginia. It’s the best and is run by some great people. Also, they cater. To you.

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