New Planet Found in the Habitable Zone: You Get To Name It

Illustration from Caltech/NASA

Maybe someday we’ll boldly go here, to Kepler-22b.

National Geographic reports that there is a world in what they call the “Habitable Zone,” which sounds like a cool TV show and also a place where it ain’t too hot or cold.

Maybe people live, or could live, on Kepler-22b. Maybe there are monsters.

But before we deal with the possibility of life on this place, let’s deal with the name. KeplerDASH22b? Kepler-22b?


Let’s name this thing something rad. Winner, as usual, gets a high-five.

I’ll offer a few…um…offerings?

1. Earth is taken, right? Dang. That’s an awesome name.

2. Vandalia. One of the possible names for West Virginia (mostly), but it was not used. So, it’s available and pretty nice. Sounds like a flower, but means place of Vandals. In a good way.

3. Land. Like Earth, but slightly different. “Hey, you an Earthling?” “Me? Heck no. Please, son. I’m a Lander.” “So what?” “So, I’m totally from space.” “Oh, yeah. Right. That’s cool.” “I’m a Lander.”

4. Samistan. OK, I’m pretty tired.

Whachu got? Hit me with your best planet name. And it may not contain dashes. Unless it is a planet for people rejecting the horrifying terrors of male oppression by taking both their father’s and husband’s name.


  1. 1. Home – Thereby it’s inhabitants could be called “Homers”. This works for Simpson’s and Baseball fans. You get a “two-fer” with this name. Can’t go wrong there.

    2. Apple – A.) They may have some on this planet already. Who knows…? and B.) Apple could probably buy this whole planet (and all it’s inhabitants) with last quater’s profits. May as well let them lay claim to it by name.

    3. Guess What – Yes, that’d be the name… Guess What. Then people would respond with (wait for it…) ‘Chicken Butt’ (or But if you prefer). It’d be a little confusing at first, but then it’d become funny. And then it’d just become old.*

    *Footnote: My kids forced me at gunpoint to post this one. It wasn’t my idea….**

    **Footnote Squared: O.K., we don’t actually own ‘a’ gun, so that was a slight exaggeration, but my kids definitely would be in favor of this name.

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