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New S. D. Smith Book and Awesome Christmas Deals LAUNCH TODAY!

So, anything happening in the world? Not much, huh. Well, I’m going to excuse myself from the crowded space of armchair experts on elections and epidemics and economics and give you what I’ve got. What do I have? Stories. Now, my stories involve real personalities, characters who face the same sorts of challenges and opportunities we face. That’s why we relate to them. They feel real. (To me, they kind of are real.) I care about the same things you care about, and I’m convinced that the most generous and hospitable thing I can do for you is share my stories. 

What started out on my porch has made its way all over the world and into your homes. I can’t get over how strange and wonderful that is. Thanks for the welcome and thanks (x2!) for going on to share the stories with others. I’m genuinely grateful. 

We Are A SMALL Family Business

Not, like, Hobbits-small. (I’m 5′ 14″!) But I mean our business is small. On top of the important imagination/identity/soul work part of this, we also are a small family business. Christmas gift-giving season is where we navigate those waters between Barely Survive Bay and Really Thrive Cove. I’m so grateful for those of you who support us. Thank you! 

Get Your Gift-Giving Sorted With Our Christmas Deals 

We are also thrilled to begin our unbelievable Christmas deals today! (I know it feels early, but with shipping challenges persisting and online shopping booming, we want to make sure you get a chance to get out ahead of things.) Please give them a look!

Please consider sharing these adventurous gifts with those you love this Christmas. We even have a cool “Starter Pack” for new readers you love to help them get going with the books! 

We also have heard the cries of women who want a v-neck shirt. It’s here, and it’s lovely. Soft and sporty, it’s another excellent option in our range of rad shirts. We have four excellent shirts now…and a onesie. 

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