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Quotes, quotes, football, quotes.
I know, sorry. The blog has become a seldom-varying quote-factory. Oh well, that has some value…to cause a smile, to provoke thought, to stoke ancient prejudices into a burning inferno of hate. Well, maybe not that last one.
I am debating whether to commence, or dispense, with the “I’m really busy” line. I have been busy, painting and in-general carrying out my administration’s domestic agenda. God has profoundly blessed my family in the area of math. We have an addition, in that my wife is pregnant with our third child. Thank God for precious little kids. As the poet said, “I just want to squeeze them.” We’ve had an unusual level of the morning sickness (as compared with our previous two human children in the womb) and that has meant that Daddy is needed in realms of the kingdom rarely explored by him. I’ll put it this way: The kids are eating more than their usual allotment of corndogs. But they are fine.

They are drawing all over their new chalkboard paint walls (my clever and creative wife’s idea that has been a huge hit). We’ve seen robots, flying WV’s, balloons, silly guys, pizza’s (indicative of their recent diet) and my personal favorite “I love you Daddy sooo sooo much.”
Imagine. Many of us often think of children as punishment, as an inconvenience, and not as a blessing and stewardship from God.
I had hoped to have some news to share in the “availability of some of my writing to a wider audience” department. But as of now it is much like Hamlet’s final moments, there is so much promise and then he utters his last, “The rest is silence.” But silence, apparently, is golden. So there’s that. Also I’ve heard that “Seniors Rule.” Is that really true? Anyway, you can count upon my relaying to you fine readers of this blog/quote-factory once I get any news of the exciting kind.

I have had some feeding of my back as it relates to some of my writings lately, and that has been encouraging. Inspires one to write more. And more betterer, I think.

Also, there is work underway on my website, which is promising and I hope will help in the afore-mentioned “availability of my writing to a wider audience” department.

Thanks for your prayers for our family, for my wife and our baby in particular. Thank you for sharing our joy. Loving a child, loving and being loved by your wife and children, makes the most heralded and prolific career in books pale dramatically by comparison.

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