Once Upon a Time…

I have had the pleasure of being involved with a few different websites, a few of which were known as “blogs.” Some people call them “journals” and that is much more sophisticated.

My last weblog was originally a partnership with a friend, Andrew Mackay, but eventually morphed into my very own, my…precious. Anyway, here I go leaving that blog behind (for several reasons) and am starting fresh. But not so fast, and not so fresh. I have decided to transport some of the posts from the old blog to give this place a sense of history. Incidentally, giving a sense of history is one of the most important things a speculative fiction author can do.

If you want to see all the old posts then you’ll have to visit my old blog, The Maple Mountain Story Club. I won’t carry all the pictures over, and sadly none of the comments (usually some of the best stuff) will be carried over. But it’s just some posts to give it an older feel. The original dates have usually been retained.

So, here they are, in all their derivative glory.

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