One Nation, Under Pressure

Sharing something is special. This is a video of fans in Seattle gathered in the last moments of the must-win-to-stay-alive U.S. soccer match in the World Cup –from The Seattle Times. Note: This goal is what they were viewing.

Check out the dude on the right with the spiked hair. Classic. I felt exactly like that.

OK, here’s another video which shows many different reactions across the nation (and one in my old home province of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa –Durban).

Tomorrow at 2:30 EST the U.S. takes on Ghana in the knockout portion of the tournament (you lose you go home). But…we’ve already experienced that.

So, what’s your prediction for the game? Final score? Hero? Number of good U.S. goals disallowed?


  1. I am calling 2-1. We go down early (AGAIN!) and then draw even and win in overtime (or shootout).

    Goals by: Clint, Jozy

    Man of match: Tim Howard…key saves late.

  2. Wow. That was some sappy stuff. Who knew? Luke is sitting here chanting “You-Suh” which is as close as he gets to “USA!” Hate that I’ll be missing the game today. Hope to watch it later.

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