Original #RabbitsWithSwords Oath Design T-Shirt AVAILABLE FOR LIMITED RUN

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: Long sleeved versions of the old oath design are available to preorder ONLY IN OCTOBER and will ship when the new book is ready. We get lots of requests/questions about this shirt design and we wish we had the capacity to carry both shirts all the time. But, we are very happy to bring back this classic in a new long sleeve in time for Christmas. You can get just the shirt, or the combo of new book and shirt together and save a bit. (Both below.)


  1. Oh my goodness!! Mr. S.D. Smith, I LOVE your books!! I even had a dream that I got to meet you and talk to you! I have sent you emails, letters, and even tried for the #GreenEmberKidArt competition!!

    I am super excited to read your new book!! I can’t wait till December!!!!!

  2. So happy! I have been waiting for this book to come out for such a long time! You see, I guessed what the next one would be called ahead of time and I was right!

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