Poetry Is Truer to True Life Than is Politics

“As the Son, though equal to the Father in all things, willingly and lovingly submits to the Father’s loving goodwill, the loving wife lovingly submits to her loving husband’s loving, good will –though she is equal to him in all things. For this is not politics, but music. Not equality, but harmony. Not justice, but love.”

Peter Kreeft


  1. I don’t follow, Rex, my friend. Do you mean that politics and poetry are both pretentious? And that this is not analogous of what Kreeft is saying?

    I am slow today (always?).

  2. What I really enjoy about this is how Kreeft seems to indirectly take a shot at low-bar legalism (seems, because I may be reading too much into his words). Equality and justice are not enough. We can champion equality and still live divisive lives. We can push for justice and never truly love. If we are to be as our Maker is, harmony and love must be the marks of our lives. Only then we will be champions of genuine equity and justice. “Let love be genuine…” Romans 12:9a

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