Puritanical Pleasures: Absence Makes The Heart Grow Miserable

“The heart must have something to cling to – and never, by its own voluntary consent, will it so denude itself of its attachments, that there shall not be one remaining object that can draw or solicit it.

“The man whose heart has thus been turned into a desert, can vouch for the insupportable languor which must ensue, when one affection is thus plucked away from the bosom, without another to replace it. It is not necessary that a man receive pain from anything, in order to become miserable.”

Thomas Chalmers, The Expulsive Power of a New Affection (PDF here)


  1. Wow. Thanks for linking to this in its entirety. Makes me wish more speeches/sermons from this era survived. Can’t beat the beautiful depth of the language and relevance of the subject matter. Puritans rock. Especially when it comes to Thanksgiving feasting.

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