Reality Is Relevant

They posted this at the Rabbit Rom the other day. But here it is here. -Sam

This is very instructive stuff from King Of The Hill on many fronts. Watch it, if you are cool.

I know this can be argued many ways. King Of The Hill is not, sadly, the final word on this subject. But it seems worthy of sharing.

When relevance is king, the kingdom soon ceases to exist. And non-existence is not relevant.

Years ago my brother, Josiah, had a great line about the ubiquitous trend of “being relevant.” (You couldn’t brush your teeth without some one saying you could do it in a way that more relevant to people who love U2 and are addicted to Starbucks.) It’s the sort of thing my brother is always saying. Few words, deep and easy. It has stuck with me ever since.

“Reality is relevant.”

Let’s get real.

If you like NASCAR and not U2, that’s OK. If you hate Starbucks, but like Big Red, good. If you wear jorts and don’t know what a Mac is, bully for you.

My dad would often quote from his favorite cartoon from his childhood when trying to get us kids to see past whatever fad fascinated us for the moment.

“Always, always I tell you, Tootor. Be just what you is, not what you is not. Folks what do this has the happiest lot.”

And “folks what do this” end up –paradoxically perhaps– being the most relevant. Because, as Josiah said, “Reality is relevant.”

Our identity (who we are) is tied up in this. If we are changing our behavior in an effort to be relevant –to appear to be what we are not– are we actually getting further away from resting in who we are in Christ? Are we trading in Monopoly money?

More can be said about this. What’s your take?

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