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Revenge of Revenge of the Birds


Revenge of the Birds. Eric Peters. Wow. I would call it sophomoric, but he was a few years away from that grade in school at the time. Revenge of the Birds is one of those artifacts you have no idea what to do with except to build your life around it in radical devotion.

I guess the only thing to be done is to put it into a vault and wear white gloves to retrieve it every anniversary for a reading robed in hooded gowns and toasting the famous victory of Geolly Chester. Fireworks, bolt-tightening, and rock-bouncing will go on into the night.

See, my theory is that this tale is no fiction. But that a young Eric Peters was entrusted with this secret history of a people in the remote reaches of the galaxy. Oh burdened young man. This has impacted Eric profoundly.
My theory posits that it is little-known that later Geolly made it to earth and lived among us like a convict on the run. Looking for a Pip to match his Magwitchery, a boy named Eric Peters was located and drafted into service of chronicling the life story and great accomplishments of Geolly Chester. Geolly was afraid all of his days because our planet was seen to be over-run with birds. Despite young Eric’s Ornithological enlightenment, the aged-heroic Geolly could never be at ease among the winged ones. Only Eric knows the final days of Geolly, and if indeed he ever passed on. We shall have to wait for a sequel. Revenge of Revenge of the Birds?


I’ll start building another vault and order some white gloves just in case.

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