Romantic Rationalist: “Winter’s Tale” Author Talks Writing, Life, and Politics

My first exposure to Mark Helprin was reading his incredible novel, Winter’s Tale. The novel is almost indescribable. The only thing I know for sure is it’s among the most beautiful writing I’ve ever read and the storytelling is masterful. This interview is fascinating for many reasons, among them his approach to social media, the internet, and of course, his politics. Zach Franzen put me on to this, fueling my curiosity with this post on his Facebook illustrator page (somewhat ironically):

“Listening to a Mark Helprin interview and reminded that I love rationalist romantics. I wish there was an army of them. There’s not. Just stragglers firing from the bushes.”


  1. Very interesting interview with a very interesting character. I like this guy even though his hat tip to evolution soured me a little. He is a plus in our society.

  2. I still don’t really quite understand that book (A Winter’s Tale). I just know that it was ridiculously beautiful. I remember often thinking, “How did he come up with this sentence?!”

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