SAVE $50 on Incredible Green Ember Gift Deal LIMITED TIME and FIRST 1K SIGNED!


Okay, this is the final deal and it is BONKERS. SAVE $50 when you get these five copies of The Green Ember as gifts for loved ones!

These books are five bucks each. Hard to beat that for gifts. Act fast for signed copies!

—> <—

Note About SigningI’m signing the first 1,000 books (not first 1,000 orders). We also will not be able to answer questions about whether or not your order was in time to be signed. We understand the desire to know, but we are a small family operation and if we checked all those order questions we’d do nothing else! We will err on the side of signing more, not less, than promised. Thank you!

Reminder: These books are preorders and will ship December 9.


  1. I Just got The first followers yesterday and it was signed! I am haft way through already! (I love it by the way) I can’t wait to get Embers End!

  2. Hey! I got the First Fowler as well on Thursday! Finished it last night and noticed a big chunk of book left at the end of it… This is why you’re the best author ever Mr. Smith! Can’t wait till spring!!!! Oh and it was also signed which only adds to your awesomeness!

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