Say No To American Idol On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is a wonderful opportunity to do what so many of our Puritan fathers and mothers did: give thanks and direct affection to God. (And have a happy time!)

If we’re using the holiday to set apart America as sovereign, redeemer, hope of mankind, then we do wrong. I’m very fond of and thankful to live in the United States, but she makes for a very lousy idol.

Let’s happily, intentionally distinguish between gift and Giver, between idol and Object of All Joy.

And therefore, necessarily, have a happy time!


  1. I was nodding in solemn agreement, until I scrolled down to the fine piece of Photoshopped awesomeness. And then I completely lost it.

    Have a happy, intentional Thanksgiving, S.D.

  2. @jamie. It’s not weird timing at all. Every secular holiday the religious right tries to take advantage. Thanksgiving is no different or less an excuse.

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