See You in Nashville?

Well, my friends, you have a chance tomorrow to sign up for something truly special. I would love to see you there.

Hutchmoot 2013 registration begins at 12pm EST tomorrow, March 5. It’s important that you know what time zone it’s in (if you’re interested) because, well, it sold out in 7 minutes last year.

Why did it sell out so fast? Because….er, I don’t exactly know. Actually, I do know, but it’s hard to say. Read this by my friend David. Or this by my friend me. Or any of this, or this. Here’s a video giving a little flavor.

Anyway, come. It’s special.

Hutchmoot feels like an extended trailer for the Kingdom of God. It stirs up in me a longing for united community, for careful and passionate love of beauty, truth, and goodness. Mostly I am stirred up with longing for that Gardener King and his new creation, for that City coming down. The marriage of heaven and earth.

I have been to many events which felt like a fight –even a good, noble fight. But this feels like what good fights are for. This feels like the song and what the song is about. —Sam

And now, a few pictures.

In 2011, Andrew Peterson and I did a session together on poetry. A huge honor.
Some special friends of ours. Breann, Laura, Betsy, Laura, and Kristen.
This was from that Poetry talk. Maybe the most joy I've ever experienced saying words in front of a group of people. (I do not include my wedding.)
Sally Lloyd-Jones and Gina Lloyd-Smith.
Well met fellows. Nate Wilson and Jonathan Rogers.
Whit, Norah, and Gina.
Dear Dawn Green and her son, and our word-wielding, President-serving friend, Ashley Elizabeth.
Love this dude. Aaron Roughton, a very funny, good guy.

I am making myself stop now, but really, please come. Don’t these pictures of us with people you don’t know make you interested? Oh well, all I can say is that the smiles are real. It’s special. Come.


  1. Sam, that poetry session with you and AP remains one of my all-time Hutchmoot favorites. I’m smiling just remembering it.

    See you in Nashville! (I hope.)

  2. HM is not to be for the Ramseys this year, and this post does not make me one iota happier about it. I should’ve known better than to get online on registration day. I’m going to go find a dark corner and gnash my teeth now.

  3. To Whom It May Concern:

    Do I get royalties from being published in photos on your blog?


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