Send Her Victorious

I’m sort of a history buff (probably of a very low order). I love reading all kinds of history, including our short history here in these United States. I’m very fond of President John Adams, for instance. That might be telling, considering that he was accused of sympathizing with, or advocating for, monarchy. (Though the charge was, I believe, slanderous. He simply understood that strict egalitarianism is, was, and always will be pure folly.) But I’ve always loved to read about European monarchs, and the Kings and Queens of England in particular. I am a fan of the current Queen.

I have always had a soft spot for Queen Elizabeth II. Maybe it started when, in my boyhood, I heard my Papaw talk about seeing her when he was serving in England during WWII. He told a story that has stuck in my mind. Papaw said that when he saw the then princess, who was deplaning, she winked at him.

He always was fond of her and I have been as well. She has given up much to serve her people in the severely limiting role of monarch. (If you want to read C.S. Lewis’s brief, poignant comments on her coronation, see this.) I admire her character, sympathize with her in the public troubles of her family, and wish her very well. She has reigned for 60 years (this year is her Diamond Jubilee) and has, perhaps even more impressively, been married to Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, for 65 years.

I love this picture.

God save Queen Elizabeth II. Long may you reign.

Blessings, from your American friends and admirers (at least this one).


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