So Happy Together

OK, I have given you enough of a break from talking about Eric Peters.

So, Eric came to town and a great time was had by me and my family and friends and everyone was very complementary of him after the concert. Great reviews from the (pretty good-sized) crowd.  

One thing people kept saying (especially in my family) was how much Eric reminded them of me. Also, we really do have a lot in common. The disconcerting thing about this truth is that it reveals my oft-expressed admiration for EP as your basic prideful, self-love. Dang it.

But, honestly…Fact: I have nothing like the talent of Eric Peters. He is a unique bird. Plus I’m taller and, I assume, much better at lawndarts.

Here’s a video my brother (Will) shot and my other brother Daryl (Josiah) put on the “internets.”

Eric introduced this song by making a very clever joke about the connection between 80’s music and vermin and things that kill vermin (Ratt, Poisen, Anthrax, etc.). Then he talked about discovering the music of a different era, the music his parents loved. The Turtles, the Beatles, etc.

All I can say to that is a huge “ditto.” (How predictable, right?)

It’s a catchy EP tune from the Beckley, WV concert called, “Little by Little.” You can find it on the record Miracle of Forgetting. (My favorite EP album? May be.)

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  1. So it really was Eric on your sofa in the earlier video? I thought it was you being Eric! You surely do look alike and apparently think alike as well. So sorry we missed the concert. Next time.

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