Someone Is Wrong On The Internet (It Couldn’t Be ME!?)

Alan Jacobs writes an important little essay on the prevalence of an ethic of justice on the internet, but a failure in humility and charity (illustrated brilliantly by the xkcd comic above). He writes that…

“This same logic governs our responses to one another on the Internet. We clothe ourselves in the manifest justice of our favorite causes, and so clothed we cannot help being righteous (‘Someone is wrong on the Internet’). In our online debates, we not only fail to cultivate charity and humility, we come to think of them as vices: forms of weakness that compromise our advocacy. And so we go forth to war with one another.”

He includes three highly instructive quotes, which I have stolen for future posting here on this blog. But do read the post, I think you’ll find it challenging and, well, to highlight the virtue he sets apart as overemphasized, just.

via: Jeffrey Overstreet


  1. I hate message board battles. Never before (with the exception of telemarketers) has someone you’ve never met, living 2000 miles away had the power to ruin your ability to not get irrational.

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