Space for Amazing Music

UPDATE Part 2: This from Dan Kulp, a helpful explanation of Andy’s concept for this highly-conceptualized album. “How’s this for a concept – Leonard Belle lives in the future. His wife dies suddenly in an accident while their divorce is being finalized. In grief, he takes a job hauling a long distance freighter and takes along some “antique” recording equipment. Imagination – yup. If as a kid you jumped from couch to chair because the floor is lava – you’ll probably like this album.” Well said, DK.

UPDATE: You can get this record for one week exclusively at The Rabbit Room. Andy will “officially” release it in the fall. Be ahead of Space and Time.

This song has really gotten itself trapped in the gravitational pull of my mind. I am really excited about this record. All three acoustic songs —which come instant when you pre-order— blew me away. I got to see the spaceship in person last year and it was amazing. Andy is an incredible musician, and this is such a creative, ambitious project. Order it (below) if it fires your thrusters.

This is “Leonard” outside of of his “spaceship” with his “sunglasses” hooked on his “shirt.”

This is a better look inside (the day we were there). And here are some cool youngsters (Ben and Aedan) digging the ship.

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