Semi-coherent Hutchmoot Tease: St. George vs Precious Moments

I continue to occasionally dream that I will someday write a story worthy of being illustrated by Justin Gerard. In other news…

In one of your classic dumb moves, the Peterson brothers have asked me to speak again at Hutchmoot. In one session, I’m privileged to tag-team with oustanding children’s author Jennifer Trafton on the subject of imagination, play, wonder, and children’s literature. I’m excited about that. (The original line-up of Jennifer and Sarah Clarkson would have been amazing –but hey, I’m happy to come off the bench since, sadly, Sarah isn’t able to be there this year.) Anyway, here’s one semi-coherent, sort-of- sentence from my (thus-far) rambling notes:

“Fairy-tales and the existence of bogey, or boogeyman…and Christianity as Dragon-fighting religion (or, Why Saint George is better than Precious Moments).”

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


  1. Ha ha. Ha. Ha! (Again.)

    This was just a random thing from my rambling, so-far-not-so-coherant notes.

    Hopefully I’ll bring out the pent-up-wrath of lovers of PM.

    Then I’ll have my own Reckoning.

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