Stories Matter Like Hell

To say that stories don’t matter is a kind of intellectual insanity. To say that our own individual stories (and our interpretation of them) take precedence over objective reality and revealed truth is a deplorable, post-modern, bear trap of arrogant rebellion.

Stories matter for many reasons, not least of which is that the story of Jesus is news we must believe and embrace to have eternal life, forgiveness of sin and guilt.

But embracing our own story and our own version of events is also one of the most dangerous things possible. For by embracing our own way we naturally say “no,” even “Hell no,” to God.

This is a bad plan, and a bad way to live out the story of your life. Don’t be that character.



  1. Yes and perhaps also, no. Embracing one’s own story is not necessarily rejecting God’s. I think both are possible. In other words, I don’t think the two are always mutually exclusive.

  2. Good point, EE. I was not as clear as I could have been. Thank you.

    I guess I was trying to say that when embracing our story is rejecting God’s authority (as in when we reject his provision of provisional authority in our life, for example, a hot trend now and always) then we are not doing well.

    But I embrace the Augustinian notion of loving God and doing as you please. The loving God part has to, however, be tied to some objective truth about him –not our fancy.

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