Thank You and Farewell to an Enabler

I mean enabler in a good way.

As I write, I just received word that my editor at West Virginia South, Audrey Stanton, has resigned. She has been on maternity leave and plans to spend more time with her newborn son and her other, young boy. She will continue to contribute to the magazine as a writer, but won’t be the editor any longer. I am very happy for her and am always happy to see children get that special love and attention. I would never say anything against that. But for my own, selfish purposes it’s kind of bittersweet.

Audrey was a great editor, and her acceptance and promotion of my work was a major point of encouragement in my life as a writer. She was enthusiastic about The Fledge Chronicles from my first pitch and has been at the helm for 14 months as each issue has featured one of my stories.

I will never forget that she is the person who is responsible for my first experience of publication. Unless I get amnesia, real bad.

I have mentioned her in posts here (where I tell how The Fledge Chronicles came about), here, and elsewhere.

I can’t thank Audrey enough. She has been used by God for my family’s good over the last year+, and I will certainly miss working with her (in that capacity).

She not only published my stories, but consistently expressed her enjoyment with them. She has been a big encouragement and a generally amazing person to work for/with.

So a hearty thanks to Audrey, and all the best as she treks through this next opportunity.

The interim editor is on the ball, and I do expect the magazine to continue (and, I hope, me with it).

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