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Thank You for these Five Years

I grew up playing sports.
Where athletes dream of a tryout.
For story makers, all we ask,
Is to give our tales a chance.
You did, and for five years now,
You keep giving me your time.
You keep giving me an audience,
With those you treasure most.
We have invited each other in,
You and I.

I shared with you my stories,
Born at home and with my kids.
Our adventures became yours,
And we exchanged this gift.
You welcomed them into your home,
For countless hours, a part of my heart,
Has been an honored guest.
Invited to spend time inside the minds,
And hearts of your dear children.
What holy hospitality.
What a sacred charge,
I’ll never take for granted.
Thank you.


  1. That was lovely! Thank you so much! These are stories I will NEVER get tired of and pass down to my children and grandchildren! God bless you, and keep writing!

  2. No thank you! I could not find a good book to read then I picked up your’s and could not stop reading it I am so happy for you and your family. I hope you keep writing book’s.

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