One of my Grandfather’s heroes was Winston Churchill. He would listen to Churchill’s speeches before we (U.S.) were in the War and people had to talk him out of hitchhiking to Canada to join the war effort years before he did. Churchill once said of someone, “He has all of the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire.” Well, Papaw was something like the opposite of that for me. He has so many virtues I admire, and many of the vices I –if not admire– at least sympathize with. Maybe that’s just because I am so much of what he has made me. He is more than on my mind, he is literally in my heart. He is in my blood.

This past week has been one of grief and appreciation. Sometimes very hard, heart-breaking grief. But a constant, insistent, anthemic gratitude has been the theme. I feel unbelievably blessed to have such a wonderful man for a Grandfather. That we had him so long was a profound blessing, that we’ve had to say goodbye to him is very sad. But thankfulness is the refrain.

Thank you for all the kind words and for praying for us. The next few days I’ll indulge in sharing a couple of poems from my Papaw Smith, and then one I wrote for his funeral service. Next week I plan to get back to normal blogging again. I had last week’s posts all scheduled, but when Papaw died last Sunday night, it felt inappropriate to post funny/silly things. So, I didn’t. But next week, we’ll have more of what you’ve come to expect from me, which isn’t much, I know.

Thanks so much, friends.


  1. I have loved the tributes to your Papaw I’ve read so far and look forward to what you have to share, continuing to pray.

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