The Best of Spam –You don’t Wanting Two Miss Thise Excleelente Posts! Today very

I feel bad that my spam filter is shutting so many people out. I’m going to make up for it by moving the best of the spammers right out here to the blog itself. Forget the comments. It’s primetime for your spammers. But only the best.

Here we go, in no particular order. Note: These are all absolutely word-for-word and are real spam comments at this site. The spam comment are presented in italics, then my own comment in not-italics. <—technically, the right term.

But first, a picture of a spammer.

—Hello! caffdeg interesting caffdeg site!

For years I said “caffde” between each word as well. See other spammers for some great, cheap, Canadian Rx.

—Fascinating…and I agree with all of it. Keep up the great work…I will undoubtedly be back shortly

Thanks, CheapBasketballJerseys. This comment undoubtedly makes me want to explore what kind of business you might be in.

—I, envy you. Your blog is much better under the maintenance and design than mine. Who to you the design did?

Brian Patton to me did it.

—Keep up the good work. Everyone is opened to there opinion. Excellent blog here, i am still reading

I’m glad your opinion is opened to how excellent my blog is. Their are few blogs like this.

—Now I have read your article and by the way I found you website on Google and I think after I read particularpost on you website especially this one I have my own comment about what should I comment on the next hang out with my girl friend, maybe today I will tell my familyabout this one and get debate.

By the way I found you comment in my Spam folder.

—Do you make funds out of this web website? just curious

None funds. Can you possibly show me how to in a few easy steps?

—Smokeless cigarettes are those cigarettes which run on battery and they desire no flame. These cigarettes include no tobacco in them and give. No batteries, no befog, use anywhere with well supplied satisfaction.

That’s where smokeless cigs and me are different. I desire a flame.

—Maintain up the very good work mate. This web site publish shows how well you comprehend and know this subject.

This is just so encouraging, mate.

—the content material on this article is really a single of the top substance that We have at any time occur throughout. I adore your submit, I will are available back again to verify for new posts.

I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. I adore YOUR submit.

—Wonderful submit which has got me considering about the potential of this concept. Truly definitely awesome.

Think about it some more, there’s lots of potential.

—Awesome publish which has obtained me considering concerning the possible of the idea. Definitely definitely remarkable.

It was an awesome awesome publish, wasn’t it? Thanks!

—This has genuinely sparked up an idea in my mind. This can be a wonderful weblog article.

Again, it comes back to potential. It can be.

—Ha, that? Truly a Seriously good suggestion. Many thanks so Very much for this!

I thought I was the only one who said, “Ha, that?” Sweet!

—I am am touched certainly more with others, but in this case I will simply keep silent


—Composing is a talent that you surely have. All your hard work is clearly obvious in how you express yourself through writing. Your amazing talent will always be remembered.



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