The Black Star of Kingston is Available for Pre-order!

It’s available, friends! Please do us a solid and order yourself a copy (or several) and share this with your friends! (And in case you’re wondering, we DO want you to order from Amazon and please use our link.) Black Star releases on July 13.

Thank you so much!

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Black Star Dynamic Cover

Now, a bit about this book. I have heard from so many readers of The Green Ember who have shared with me that they really connected with the oath.

My place beside you, my blood for yours,

Till the Green Ember rises, or the end of the world!

It’s neat to me that the t-shirt (which features the oath) is almost ready at around the same time that The Black Star of Kingston is available to order. (I love Erin Tegeler’s design.)FullSizeRender (3)

Black Star is the origin story for that oath, and an engaging prequel to The Green Ember.

It is not the sequel I keep hearing demands to produce. I’m very happy so many of you (especially kids) are excited to find out what happens next with Picket and Heather and the others. I AM working on that. I’m making good progress but, as many of you have pointed out, it takes time to “make it good.”

For now, here is Black Star. Ready to satisfy for the moment, I hope, your cravings for #RabbitsWithSwords.

I am delighted with this story and I hope you will be too. It is wonderfully illustrated, as was The Green Ember, by Zach Franzen. I love how it came out and I certainly hope you will enjoy it.

It is shorter than Ember, closer to the usual length for a middle-grade novel. It is set around a century before The Green Ember and is the first in a new series we are calling Tales of Old Natalia.

The Green Ember is full of references to this past and these characters, most especially in the oath. It is something like the Star Wars prequels, or, perhaps more accurately (but less reverent?), a kind of “Old Testament” to Ember’s “New.”

The Tales of Old Natalia will, I hope, feature more books, as will The Green Ember. Our plan is for them to grow up together, each developing the story and back story of the rabbits of Natalia.

If that’s confusing, just ignore it. The case is pretty simple.

Here’s a story about rabbits fighting for survival. They have hands and they use swords. They also have hearts.

This one is about Fleck, a common coal miner with uncommon virtue, rare vision, and a heroic soul. He takes his place beside King Whitson Mariner in a desperate defense of a their new world.

I hope you’ll pop over to Amazon and preorder your copy now.


  1. Yeah! Just ordered two books so both of my boys can have their own copies when they leave home (yes, I like to plan ahead!!).

    Wishing you all the best!

  2. Thanks for the quick response. I was going to order The Green Ember in hardcover a few days/weeks ago, but heard a prequel was in the works, and preferred to have a matched set, so I waited for the info you just provided. NowI’m ready to order both The Green Ember and The Black Star of Kingston in paperback!

    1. Ulanda, I’m so sorry about that. We are working on a Canadian/UK solution right now. We hope it’ll be in place by July 13, when the book comes out. My publisher is Canadian, so he’s very concerned about this and is working hard on a fix.

  3. Thanks S.D. Smith! I would much prefer the book in hand but will settle temporarily for the kindle book if need be 😉

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