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The Green Ember and an Apologetic Posture

2014-10-12 14.18.50
Sally Clarkson, a big encouragement to me. The Clarksons have been good friends, wise counselors, and incredible allies for us.

People have been saying nice things to me. Also, they’ve been giving me money. Both of those things are–and I know this sounds insane–kind of hard to take. Because I’m proud. And scared.

I was really reluctant to do the pre-sale for my debut novel on kickstarter. But we decided to do it and, after some great advice (and many cautions) from experienced and wise friends, we forged ahead. I had no idea what to expect. We set the goal at $10,000 and weren’t sure if that was too high or not. I knew that there existed in the world good will toward myself, my family, and my partners in this project. But how to quantify that for a project like this? So we herded our ducks into a semblance of a row and pressed launch at 6am on Friday morning.

19 hours later we had reached our goal. What an incredible start! It was an amazing experience, all the more wonderful for having been shared with so many well-wishers and friends who cheered us on and are sharing our journey.

It keeps climbing steadily on and I’m happy about that, because it means more kids are going to get this book and that means my prayers are beginning to be answered for them.

I am so pleased. I am encouraged. I feel supported and loved. People lined up to tell me they were on my side. It’s been amazing. It’s been genuinely humbling.

But I can find the holes.

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  1. Don’t look for dark clouds behind silver linings, there are enough of them to keep you humble without looking for them.

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