1. I screamed when i found out book IV was coming out, and I’m not exaggerating, i didn’t let out a tiny squeal, I let out a fan girl in distress scream, I should be embarrassed, but I’m not. I’m to busy theorizing and being happy for this new work of art. 🙂

    S. D. Smith, you and your way of writing is why I got into writing, thank you for that.

  2. My hands were shaking preordering it and my mom asked if I was okay because I screamed and was crying! We cant believe it and our hearts are filled with joy! My birthday is Christmas eve so this is an early birthday present! I am a gimme five subscriber and when I got the email I bursted with joy! I want to thank you so much for writing this spectacular series so families everywhere can here a story about the great battle of good vs. evil! 🙂
    (p.s. I wrote a letter with a drawing and if you could respond that would be awesome! if not I understand but again it would be awesome to get a letter from my fav author!)

  3. I ran around the house yelling ‘The Green Ember Book IV is finally coming out!!!’ I got so excited, I almost couldn’t sleep that night. I was SO excited about finally reading my favorite author’s book. My mom pre- ordered ‘The First Fowler’ for me, and I hope I will enjoy it as much as the other books, maybe even more!!!

    Thank you so much S.D. Smith, you’ve brought a lot more joy to my life with these books!!!! SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMMMM!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yes. Thank you so much for writing this series. It really has brought joy to me and my friends. I screamed so loud after I saw this. At, first I was hesitant, and now this is my all-time favorite book series. I recommend it to everyone under the age of one-hundred. After I read the third one, I couldn’t read another book for days.

  5. This is actually happening!!!!!!! Eeeeek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait I’ve been counting down the days! I’m reading the other books over and over again to prepare myself!!!! Everyone in my household is sooo excited and loves your books!

  6. On the Green Ember fan site, we are having a countdown. You can find the link in one of these posts. There is a lot of Green Ember fans here where I live. We are all so excited. I have a long list of people who want to read it after me.

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