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The Green Ember is Currently Free! (Please Spread the Word.)

EMBER FREE (1)That’s right: FREE. As in, gratis.

For the next three days, a person may virtually waltz into the virtual Kindle Store and, without offending virtue, walk out (with thegoods) without paying. It’s legal shoplifting, and I’m asking if you’ll do it.

You’ve probably seen these things.

There’s a way in which they don’t help: people getting the thing you nearly killed yourself to produce for free, thereby constituting a substantial loss in profits.

On the other hand, it gets your book into a lot of hands, and maybe hearts, and then maybe people want a print copy. And if they love the story maybe they tell others about it. The hope is that word spreads.

That’s where you come in. 

Can you help us spread the word? If you loved the book, or you just want to help, please share this info for the next few days on social media.

Here’s a suggested Twitter tweet:

A great book for kids & families is FREE today on Kindle. #TheGreenEmber by @SDSmith_, a new story with an old soul. http://bit.ly/TGEeBook

And here’s one for Facebook:

There’s a great book for kids & families called #TheGreenEmber by S. D. Smith. It’s FREE today on Kindle. If you love a good adventure full of truth, beauty, and goodness, get this new story with an old soul. Like I said, it’s FREE, but not for long.  http://bit.ly/TGEeBook #RabbitsWithSwords

Or best of all, make it your own.

Thanks for being on our side!

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