The Intersection of Story and Soccer

(Yep, another sports post. And SOCCER, Americans. In fact, Soccer about Americans. Soccer, you know the game where they actually play the entire time?)

In case you missed it, here’s the story from one of the most incredible women’s soccer matches soccer matches period sporting events I’ve ever seen.

Our United States Women’s National team pulled off an incredible victory in the last possible moment in a truly-epic game. The game was full of story themes. The coach said “Somebody’s writing this book.” It was downright literary. Abby Wombach, one of the heroines of the match with her wonderful, composed header off of an unbelievable pass from game MVP (in my book) Megan Rapinoe, said, “It was like a story.”

Indeed it was. My entire family was glued for every up-turn, down-turn, every blown call and gritty counter. When the eucatastrophe occurred, our kids were so excited, everyone was dancing around, celebrating. It was pandemonium at the Smith house when our team finally won. For us, because we only caught the beginning in the morning and finished it up in the evening, the game –which was as long as they can be– pretty much took all day.

I hope we (US Americans) will really get behind these incredible athletes and support them as they face France on Wednesday. If they beat France they advance to the World Cup final.

(By the way, the game is on at 11:30 am –live from Germany– but I’ll be watching it  later on, so please don’t tell me the result before. Thanks! Go US of A.)

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  1. USA! USA! USA! And now the story continues to be written as we play Japan in the final on Sunday. Wouldn’t miss it for anything. Futbol is the sport of the world. As Americans it’s time to get on board.

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