This American’s Life (At Least a Little Bit)

A day in the life? This is the kind of blog post I usually hate. I’m told I need to open up more in my blogging. I resist this. So, as an exercise in trying to be more open and talk about myself, I offer you this window into my day. (It was about ten days ago, actually, but I finally worked up the courage to post it. Plus, I had nothing else and I’m trying to post every Thursday. <—Hey, another heartfelt disclosure. We really can change if we believe in ourselves and the power of our dreams and rainbows.) The order is all mixed up, but if you’re into boredom, here’s a peek into my life.

IMG_8773Today I finished the fifth draft of my novel, The Green Ember, and sent it to my publisher (who also happens to be my partner, Andrew Mackay). It feels good. It was a good day. I wrote a prologue and corrected some things in the book so the prologue would make sense. I emailed two friends whose edits of the book were the most detailed, James and Helena, and asked them if the prologue fit. They said it did. I’m not sure if the book will be viewed as good, or not. But if it is at all, I’ll have them and others to thank. It’s hard to move on and let the manuscript go because I know it can still be improved. I know there will be things that embarrass me later. I know it’s my first novel (at least in public) and first novels almost always kind of stink.

I ran/walked with Gina at the park while the kids rode bikes and played on the playground. It was the most I’ve ever walked/run.IMG_8979 I love walking/running with Gina, because we talk and talk. We ate Bellacinos and store-bought cookies. We cleaned the house.  I folded lots of clothes and I love folding our two-year-old daughter’s clothes. They’re so small and cute. I smile while I’m at it. I should do it more and wipe that smile off my face. Gina does laundry constantly.

I worked my paying job and it was rewarding. I love it when that happens. I listened to The Anfield Wrap while I folded loads of clothes because I love Liverpool Football Club. The kids watched Rio 2 and I crankily asked Twitter if there was a law saying all dads in movies had to be buffoons. Hannah Long replied with this cool commercial. I listened to Freddy and Fredericka by Mark Helprin (author of Winter’s Tale) while I drove. I always listen to audiobooks on the road and some podcasts too (including the Daily Office ESV, This American Life, Men in Blazers, to name a few). Zach Franzen had recommended Freddy & Fredericka, so I got it on Audible. I love talking to Zach because he’s a hundred times smarter than me.  The book is funny. I also actually talked to Zach today as well. We’re doing a session at Hutchmoot (The Rabbit Room conference) together in October. That’ll be fun. I also talked to my dear friend Jimmi. We talked about church, vacations, foster kids, Bruce Springsteen, and my book a little. I told him some cynical views on being a writer. He told me it’s hard to just jump in and try to understand Bruce Springsteen.

IMG_8919Tomorrow, my best friend is visiting from D.C. We haven’t gotten our families together for, well, almost ever. The last time we (he and I) spent significant time together was just before and then just after his mother, a wonderful lady I love, died. It will be good to be together under happier circumstances. We plan to hang out, talk, and play some soccer. We met on the high school soccer field, so that’ll be fun. I love Matt. He lived with us in South Africa for a year and we’ve been very close for a long time. Through years of change and loss, however long we’re apart, we pick right up again. I’m not ashamed to say we’ve written songs for each other. I miss Matt. He’s a very, very good man. I can’t wait to see him and his family.

Welp, that’s about it. I will definitely never post this.



  1. “We really can change if we believe in ourselves and the power of our dreams and rainbows.”

    That’s my life verse 🙂

    Congratulations on the book Sam! Also, what a lovely tribute to your friend. On a related note, the current issue of Christianity Today has this front page title: “Why can’t men be friends?” 🙂

  2. Thanks, SD. I really enjoyed this, for a number of reasons. I’m glad you never posted it.

    But you missed an opportunity to say more about that James guy. He sounds fascinating.

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