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The Man Who Saved Narnia (And a Giveaway at Sally Clarkson’s)

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Today I’m super happy to be featured over at my friend Sally Clarkson’s blog. (And yes, I’m bragging about being friends with such a cool person.) She very generously asked me to write a post and do a giveaway at her site. As a big fan of Sally’s work, and that of her whole family, I’m really grateful. (By the way, have you ordered her new book yet? Get that!) Since Sally’s ministry is aimed at the hearts of moms, I wrote something on that theme. Also, if you’ll pop over to her site, you’ll see she’s giving away signed copies of my novel, The Green Ember, to 10 of her readers. Go on over, or read the beginning of the post here. –Sam


The Man Who Saved Narnia & the Woman Who Saved The Green Ember

We almost never made it through the wardrobe and into Narnia. It was a close call.  Stung by the strident criticisms of his close friend, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis was ready to abandon his Narnia series before it was ever published. Lewis was deeply hurt and discouraged because he respected Tolkien’s opinion so much. For his part, Lewis had been a longtime proponent of Tolkien’s own work. If not for the entrance of Roger Lancelyn Green, we would never have found our own way into Narnia.


Imagine that.

So what magical power did Roger Green exert on his friend and former tutor? What elixir was mixed or what castle stormed to save this magical tale from oblivion? I’ll tell you. Roger Green had words, words of encouragement, when they were most needed. Green’s enthusiasm and encouragement, by Lewis’s own admission, saved the whole project. What potent power lies in encouraging words.


My own story was, to borrow an expression, saved by childbirth. Specifically, my story would not exist were it not for the woman who gave birth to me and first read to me of Narnia. My mother believed–well, believes–in me. I have lost count of the encouraging encounters I’ve had with my mom related to my own writing dream. But it was when I was a child that her encouragement took root. I had never met an author, and you might as well have told me I was going to go to the moon as write books. But Mom convinced me it was possible. She encouraged me. So I worked on stories as a boy, and dared to dream. She always believed, even when I didn’t.

I’m 37. It’s been a long road, but my first novel is out in the world. The Green Ember is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. More, it might be a gateway to light for a child somewhere, perhaps one I don’t even know. That’s an incredible thought to me….

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