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The Opposite of Rolling Your Eyes

In our little, family Bible study tonight we got to the place where Jethro, Moses’ father-in-law, shows up and offers Moses some advice. It’s in Exodus chapter 18.

Some of the things I observed in the passage/story/history…

Moses spoke with God. God spoke back. He was a rare man, with rare access to Yahweh in a personal way which is hard to imagine. He could inquire of God and expect a response.

Jethro comes along and sees the way Moses is governing (Moses is doing too much on his own –will wear himself out). Jethro offers some advice.

Moses does NOT say: “Listen, buddy. I speak to God, I don’t need you coming in here with your advice and telling me what you think. I moved my hand and the Red Sea parted. I struck the rock and water came out. I held up my staff and we won the battle.”

No. Moses displays a humble heart in honoring Jethro, and in listening humbly to his wise advice. He follows the advice and implements a good government.

The application part on that, like so much of the Scripture, is pretty easy. Now to obey…


Moses by Michelangelo Buonarroti


  1. Very true, bro! Moses is such a big figure in the OT, that we often forget about his humanity, and you’re right that it would have been natural for him to blow off Jethro. What a testament to respecting your elders!

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