The Shackleton

This was on my Twitter feed last night. Thanks to my friend, Brannon and fellow-humans, Bittman/Dash.

The Shackleton

Do you know about Ernest Shackleton? He was what one might refer to as a man. Speaking of men, I was telling my son about Joshua and Caleb and how much I admired them. We were talking about Caleb in his old age, fighting on. Faithful to God and, well, courageous and strong. That’s why my oldest son’s middle name is Caleb. Hey, maybe social media isn’t always what I recently claimed it was. (I claimed this on social media, fulfilling the blood-moon prophecies of yesteryore.)

Saying no to on-line “community” is a good way to say yes to the real world and real community. Social media very often has that “reality” show quality of palpable unreality.

No. I’m standing by that statement, like a man who used to sit by things, but does so no more. #internet #men #badseriesofhashtags

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