The Witness (A 100 Word Story)

As last year, I’m participating in Loren Eaton’s (I Saw Lightning Fall) Advent Ghost Stories 2010. It has to be a mere 100 words and is supposed to be eerie in some way. I hope you like my short and thanks Loren for inviting me (and the world) and hosting this again. Fun stuff. Click here to read the other participant’s tales.

The Witness

Bleak midwinter? No. It’s the only time I feel even a little bit free. Otherwise I’m smothered, alone. At least I can see their beautiful faces during the holidays. At least I’m forced out of my box to witness their subdued celebrations.

Ten years ago, Christmas Eve. I was coming home, eager to share what I’d found with my family. In my haste I crossed a wizard.

On our tree an ornament hangs that my children love to scrutinize. It’s baseball sized, appears as a silver mirror. They wonder why it feels so magical. They don’t know that I’m inside.


  1. Nice voice; I like the mirrored bulb to illustrate this and the fantastic premise of crossing a wizard; I feel like I see enough of his brashness in the voice to imagine him pushing the wizard too far without realizing it.

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