Things I’m Quite Fond Of –part 1: Irish Heartbeat

Hello and welcome to this edition of Things I’m Quite Fond Of. I’m your host, S.D. “Bumpnose” Smith.

Today I present to you this record.


Check out dude on far left. Coolness.

That’s right, it’s Van Morrison and the Chieftains wonderful record, Irish Heartbeat.

My favorite kinds of music are, I guess, mostly of the folky variety. As for folk, I guess Irish folk music is pretty high on my list, probably right after Americana music (which I’d call a blend of America’s folk music –but I’m no expert).  

You can listen and watch them perform “Star of the County Down,” a brilliant standard, live here.

I am not going to review the record; I just want to let you know that I’m quite fond of it. Especially grand are the standards, but Morrison’s new songs (2, or 3) are pretty good too. The Chieftains are just tops. Love them.

This has been Things I’m Quite Fond Of. Tune in next time when we find out if Sven completes an ollie and get’s in Ulrich’s new skate video.


  1. I like that, Loren. Pretty intense.

    Got The Basement Tapes for Xmas from my future wife, 10 years ago. Good stuff, I agree.But not my favorite from Dylan, or The Band.

    Mack Wiseman. Appropriate for Christmas, or better yet, Epiphany.

  2. Mr. Smith – this is so cool, I’ve had this album since 1988 and it is wonderbar! Now if I only still had a working turntable :o)

    Aunt Deb

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