This Smith Has a Forge: My Writing Hut Is Ready

Say Hello To My Little…Forge

Over four years ago, I wrote about the possibility of us buying our next-door neighbor’s home and the little shed that came with it. It was a long-time dream of ours to turn that shed into a little office for me. A writer’s hut. That dream is coming true. The little building was once a well-house, but has been used as a garden shed for decades.

(I wish I could locate a true “before” picture. The porch was rotting and the roof was collapsing. The inside was a mess.)

We’re so excited that it’s finally done and I’m eager to get in there and work. 

We asked for help naming the building and our friend (the poet) Chris Yokel chimed right in with an unbeatable name. The Forge. A place where a Smith does his work. It was perfect. Thanks, Chris.

I hope the Forge is a foundry for new stories with an old soul. I hope it’s a place where tales are spun, tellings that spin out to find a place in the hearts of readers all over the world. I’m asking God to give me grace and courage to do good work in my little forge. Will you pray for me?

I’ll update you with pictures once it becomes operational, but for now it’s a blank canvas. I’m excited about what it will become, but far more so about what will come out of it.

forge small


  1. This makes me so happy. And only a little envious.

    I just re-read your post about maybe someday having a hut. It was the first bit of your writing I ever read, and it made me laugh out loud. Twice.

    Since then, you did buy the bigger house for your family, you’ve published two real, physical books that have found an audience of thousands, sheltered both writers and readers at StoryWarren & Inkwell, and been a deep and unexpected encouragement to me.

    This feels to me like a sweetly grace-full milestone. Wield your hammer well.

    1. Don’t be envious. Sheesh! It makes a poor hillbilly lose his identity. 🙂

      Thanks, James. So grateful to have you for a friend and fellow at the bellows.

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