To See What Does Not Yet Exist: The Vital Role of Imagination for Your Children

“Some children may seem to start with a larger capacity for imagination than others, but all children share the same capability for it. Imagination is not limited only to certain personality types. Every child is made in the image of their Creator and is invested with the God-given ability to be creative. Part of your child’s creative nature is their imagination—the ability to conceive of things that are not physically present, that have never been seen, or that may or may not exist. And if that sounds a bit like faith, that’s not a mistake.”

Clay Clarkson, from Use Their Imagination at Story Warren

Image from an Illustration by Zach Franzen

I love Clay’s posts. If you are a parent, you really ought to read all of the ones he has up at Story Warren. The first was called Speaking of Imagination, and the second, Use Their Imagination, is noted above. His latest is called Seeing Through the Artist’s Heart. They are all wonderful. –Sam

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