Top Ten Reasons to List Reasons

1. Reason appears twice in the title. Implication: highly reasonable.

2. If you betray your king with just cause while smoking pot you may be charged with “High Reason.” Note: I do not condone smoking pot, nor do I condone betraying your king.

3. Reasons come and reasons go, but do reasons stay? They do if you write them down in a list.

4. The first four letters of “Listen” are L.I.S.T. Don’t you ever forget that.

5. The next two are E and N. This is without merit or interest.

6.  Often the sixth reason is where the dumbest ones hide. Too late to stop reading, not early enough to cause problems. You’re hooked now. Note: Not a drug reference.

7. If this list were “top raisins”, then the California Raisins would have to be near the top.

8. People like to say, “there is a reason for the season” during Christmas season. In Hay fever season I like to say that there’s “a reason for the sneezin’.” It’s the hay fever.

9. As a Protestant I’m all for keeping Christ in Christmas, but I’m not sure about keeping the mass part in.

10. Listing reasons keeps you from being listless.



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