Two Flimsy Reasons to Go to The Rabbit Room

One: Yesterday the Proprietor placed in public view a short post of mine entitled, “Appreciating Your Betters.” Read It, if you wish to, with your eyes.

Two: Today there magically appeared a post featuring the Top 3 choices for favorite books, movies, and books, from (most of) the contributors to The Rabbit Room. So, deeply exciting I am sure, you can go and see for yourself how superior my choices are to those other fellows.

Also, go over and list your favorites in the comments. I dare you.

Note: I wasn’t sure if it was limited to things produced in 2009, but assumed it was. If it had been merely things consumed (so to speak, but a better way to say it is received) in 2009 then my list would have been pretty different. But I like the things I listed.


Did this fine book make the list?

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