Visionary Complainers

I know better. I have a vision. I can see beyond the usual to the possible. I can see a better way.

At least, I sometimes think so. Are you like me? Do you find it hard to turn off the critical/analytical part of your brain, that part unable to rest until it’s found the parts of whatever is in front of you that could be improved?

This can be a blessing, sure. It can serve to create a space for imagining a better way. It can also be a curse, creating a space for living a bitter life. I frequently find myself dangling between these two possibilities.

Having imagination enough to see a better way can be used to serve others. It can be a vocation of love and a gift to our families, communities, our churches, and the Church. However, giving voice (even internally) to every critical reflection can turn us into nit-picky accusers, never satisfied with the best offerings of others, never at rest until the world conforms to (what we imagine is) our lofty, enlightened vision.

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