Want to Know the Secret Behind Green Ember’s Phenomenal Success?

Dear Friends, 

I get a lot of credit. I get enthusiastic feedback in heaps. But people credit me with more than I deserve. You want to know what has made this crazy thing go? The Green Ember Series has reached its growing and enthusiastic audience because of you. Compared to a traditional publisher, we’ve spent peanuts on marketing. We’ve simply aimed to remove obstacles. You have been our “sales team.” You have told our story and amplified our small voice. 

We are a ragtag family band from the hills of West Virginia. That’s the way it started and that’s still the truth. We few. We happy few…but we have you. 

We could never do any of this without you, and we still need your help. 

We launched this new book preorder with ZERO media attention. Not one news outlet. There were no starred reviews in Publisher’s Weekly. No one in the New York publishing scene knew or cared. No NYT bestseller list approved stores carried the book or reported pre-sale numbers. 

But we are reaching readers in numbers that would make any major publisher ecstatic. 

How did readers find out? Who told people about it? You did. YOU.

It’s just you and me. I’m not trying to be dramatic (okay, I am a storyteller), but it’s Jack vs. the Giant here and he’s definitely smelling some Englishman blood. But I’ve got you. You are the magic beans. 

Thanks so much for caring and for sharing about these adventures! You guys are the secret weapon in all this and I’m so grateful for you. This has been, and continues to be, an amazing journey. 

We are always looking for ways to both express our appreciation for you and fuel the enthusiasm that you have for my #RabbitsWithSwords adventures. From now through my birthday on Feb 11 we’re offering the best deal we’ve ever had on combos

Hopefully I’ll get to see you on the road this year and share a hearty highfive! 




  1. Wow! Thanks I would not be the same with out your amazing stories about four years ago me and my family were at a homeschool co-op (because we’re homeschooled) anyways, we were doing some kind of show and tell, and my Fr wind was show and telling a stuffed rabbit named “heather” from the green ember anyways afterwards her mother told my mother about the green ember, about two months later we started listening to the audio books my whole family enjoyed them! Now four years later (I think….) My friends and I are waiting in anticipation and predicting what will happen in embers end! Thank you sooooooo much (I mean it) -Emily

  2. I liked how you said, “We few, We happy few…” I was going to do that for school. I am so happy for your family. I too am trying to guess what will happen in Embers End. Can’t wait! I am counting down the days. The Green Ember series, without a doubt, is my favorite book series!

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