Weighed in the Scale and Found Lacking

This picture inspired me. I’m sure this guy had bigger things in mind, but maybe I can change the world by changing my profile picture.

Such a big step in one’s life.

A lot of artist-types (my people, in many ways) are super-pretentious (like using your initials…kuh!) and we write things like “unique” on our hands and think that cool haircuts, tattoos, t-shirts, or hats makes you artistic. So I thought I’d make fun of us.

My favorite comment came from my 4 year old son. “See, it’s HAND-writing. That’s why it’s funny.”

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  1. Your son’s comment is great. My 6 y/o daughter has developed a good sense of humor and it’s wonderful to see kids grow into it.

    More hand quote ideas:
    “I’m not right”
    “My spelling is werse” -(on the other hand)
    “don’t bite me”
    “I’m clapping, are you listening?”

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