West Virginia!

Well, there are a couple of more games to go (hopefully), but West Virginia hasn’t seen the Final Four in 51 years. We’re back.

We’re partying like it’s 1959.

I love the way this team actively identifies with the state of West Virginia and repeatedly pays honor and gives thanks to the blue-collar people of the state. That comes from Coach Huggs, the native son, who recognizes what this means to people all across the Mountain State.

I know it doesn’t interest everyone (and oddly infuriates others), but I’ve been a dyed in the wool Mountaineer fan for every second of my 33 years on earth, and this is pretty exciting for me and many other long-suffering, loyal fans.

We’re going to enjoy it!

Here’s hoping for a victory against the Devil, I mean, the Blue Devils. But win or lose, this has been a great year.

Mitch Vingle has the best article on the victory over (what could almost be a future NBA all-star team in) Kentucky that I read. Enjoy it.

Interesting note. Joe Mazzulla has played Duke before in the NCAA’s. With good results.

OK, probably won’t interrupt my usual scintillating content (ha) for this kind of thing much more. Only on big events. Scouts honor.


  1. I’m just so tickled they beat Kentucky. It will be hard to pull for them against Duke though, since the Blue Devils cured my cousin of cancer when he was four. That kind of thing leaves a mark on ya, ya know?

  2. Understood Kevin. Me, I am a West Virginian and I rejoice greatly. I was only ten years old last time, so please permit me to be extremely happy.

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