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West Virginia South features latest story in The Fledge Chronicles

The latest issue of West Virginia South has arrived. I haven’t seen it for more than a few minutes yet (my brother, Will Smith, stole my single copy –I would tell our parents on him but he would probably argue that parents just don’t understand).

I do know that it contains a story from The Fledge Chronicles entitled The Dear Slayer. This is, of course, a take-off from that great novel by James Fennimore Cooper, The Deer Slayer, which is a very similar story except for the total difference. This latest story has been referred to as “not horrible” and “almost readable” by high critics and other drug users.

I like it, actually. mKhulu, in yesterday’s comments, stated it was “by far and away the best yet” of the Fledge stories –but he is biased. My editor, however, agreed. She said it was her favorite so far, and those two comments make for my best reviews yet.

The title illustration is once again wonderfully created by Rex Queems, an excellent bit of art (better than Jackson Pollock, anyway). Rex really has the ability to create an illustration which carries not just the details of the story, but its essence. (Not deep, but comical.)

It’s ironic that the story contains a reference to Jackson Pollock, and I learned that today (while I write this 1.28.09) was his birthday. I found this out by hovering my little pointer icon over the messy thing that was usually where the Google logo is. Please, if you are a Pollock fan, make the case for him to me in the comments. I haven’t seen the film My Kid Could Paint That yet, but I have thought it.
In tomorrow’s post I’ll include a sneak-peek of the current story in the current issue. The cover of this issue is very pretty. There’s a flower on it. It’s nice. Is it just me or do the covers keep getting better and better? None of them have anything to do with me, they just keep getting better. Consider subscribing.

Note: The WVS website usually trails the current issue by a few weeks. It will be updated soon, I’m sure.

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