West Virginia Wins (Final?) Backyard Brawl

I had been a good boy and not posted about my beloved Mountaineers of my beloved home state, West Virginia, all year (I think). That might have something to do with them under-performing, but also because I try not to make this blog just about whatever I love. I don’t want it to be the internet equivalent of my family vacation home-movies. But, I can’t help this one. It’s Pitt vs. West Virginia.

Much has been made of this perhaps being the last clash between West Virginia and Pitt. If so, this was a memorable Backyard Brawl to go out on (for the Mountaineers anyway.) The game featured some fascinating moments, but this was, perhaps, the best. (Note the stiff-arm to the face.)

It would be very sad (and pathetic) if these rivals stopped playing after 104 years. It would be another casualty to the self-destructive greed and folly ruining what I believe is the best sport and the most entertaining level around. Come on, University Presidents. Get it together.

I have enjoyed this rivalry game my whole life and watched this particular game with my entire family (from my parents down), including my own family all decked out in gold and blue. For me, the Mountaineers are more than just a sports team. They connect me to my Dad and are part of the tradition in my family. That can go wrong in lots of ways (if it turns into idolatry, or an uncharitable heart –like actual hatred and irrationality toward other fans/teams), but there’s a lot of good there. I’m thankful for it.

I love West Virginia. Let’s Go Mountaineers.

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