“What is lacking cannot be counted.”

It is no secret to people close to me (like my wife, brothers, and football legend Pat White) that my favorite book of the Bible is Ecclesiastes.

In my experience it is also one of the most consistently misunderstood and ill-preached (an actual term?) of any book in the Bible. Not that I have it all figured out. Show me that man who gets it all, I would like to shake his hand and listen to him talk for days.

My dad has taught the book with great clarity and understanding. But, sadly, he hasn’t written a book about it.

Lacking that, Doug Wilson’s book , Joy at the End of the Tether, is the very best book I have read on Ecclesiastes. I recommend it with a muchness.


Here, in a short video, Wilson talks a little about it.

“Joy at the end of the tether” – Conversations with Doug Wilson from Daniel Foucachon on Vimeo.

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