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What Makes One Blog Gooder Than Others?

Grammar? Spelfing? Is it any one thing you can put your index, or perhaps pointer, finger on?

Here’s some things that have been standing out to me lately in blogging.

Side note: Ever notice how “standing out” sounds bad, but “outstanding” sounds good?


Ok, some things I think I like in blogs.

Brevity: Keep it short. Abraham is the king of this and his blog gets read every single day by many partly because of its digestibility.

Humorification: I like to read funny, witty, posts. Not really silly, per se. I like satire. No to scorn. Yes to self-deprecation.

Self-disclosure (but with caveat): I want to get to know you, the blog author. But I don’t want to hear the endless explanation of every boring thing you do and all your “Oh My Goodness!!!!!!” moments from the day. If you have more than one exclamation point frequently, then you are probably losing me. (Was that scorn?)

Truth: I don’t like hearing a bunch of lies all the time.

Your Unique Angle: You are an expert at something. You have something to offer people. What is it? Share it. Connect with your readers at the point of their interest/need and your talents/expression.

Predictable: In a good way. Post regularly, in a pattern. If it’s once  a week, fine. Just be somewhat predictable.


OK, that’s it for now. Don’t want to totally smash the brevity thing again. Now, if only I can do some of those myself.

 Your turn.

 What do you like about the blogs you like?

 What blogs do you read regularly that you recommend to the rest of us?


  1. “Out out damn-ed spot”
    Hamlet to his dog, Spot.
    From the original Hamlet of WV, not the original, original.
    This comment is brief-
    This comment is homorus- humoresque at least.
    Like the new look SD.

  2. So are you saying my long, whiny posts about the uncertainty in my life are not the most attractive blog-fodder? Or is it just that I’ll update two or three times over a couple of days and then not do it again for a month?

    Things to ponder . . .

  3. I’m going to be the voice in the wilderness and say that, while I think you’re spot on with the viewpoint comment, I’m not sure brevity is as important as a judicious use of words. I’d rather read a well written, 1500 word post than a poorly written 250 word post. The blogs I visit routinely are a reflection of that. Some of the guys I visit every day have never had a post under 500 words. But if they’re important words, I’ll read ’em.

    But, then, this comment is now longer than the post, so I guess I’ve long scared off anyone who loves brevity.

  4. I am watching Hamlet right now (the movie, the play).

    Watch your dadgum language, mKhulu. It’s easy when you write. I can’t remember any cuss words in isiZulu…oh, wait. Yes I can. I joke of course. Say what you willl…you are the master.

    Ennis P- Readability is nice. To be preferred even unto brevity? Eh, Andrew.

    And Andrew, quit tryig to dominate just because yesterday was Dominion Day.

    Joshua Duncan –I’m glad you got the message. It is all about you.

    It’s odd that when we take aim at ourselves, we strike many other marks. You should know this as a preacher and a writer.

  5. It’s nice to learn new things and hear different viewpoints but still find some common ground. So I am drawn to blogs where I have something in common with the author, but they are not a complete replica of me…not too difficult since there aren’t many quirky redheads who work for sweet potato companies.

    Yeah, and humor is pretty much a must for me.

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